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Prisoner of illusions game, It's our entry for Game Zanga 2016 - illusions theme.


While the player (unnamed hero) searching for the treasure, He got trapped in the illusions mine, The only way to get out is to find the real key, Could you help him?


[ENTER] for the menus

[<-] [->] for movement.

[^] for jumping.

We would like to hear your feedback and suggestions :)

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsQatariGameDev, Count Ouf, nono4
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, GameMaker, gamezanga, gamezanga2016, Ghosts, Horror, Puzzle-Platformer, spacecrescent


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Looks nice, neat visuals!


The most time I spend playing a zanga game was with this game, outstanding fun and challenging game.

One small thing I would recommend for spikes that are below where player shouldn't reach is to enlarge their colliders as I found out the some bottom areas I was able to land safely and jump around for a bit in between spikes.

Good luck!

Thank you for your feedback *___*

we will improve the game after the zanga!


Good Graphics and Light Effects

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edit: the game page is not accepting this comment because its too long, so i guess i'll put it here. (i guess im such a big mouth).

nice game, i liked it

the animations are fluid, movement is even more fluid and smooth. the levels are very well thoughtout, and a lot of time was spent on them, nothing is scarier than a skull charging towards you, hehe :D the overall atmosphere of the game just Fits and blends with each other perfectly (something is quite hard to get). the mechanics are basic, but as i said, levels are well thought out very nicely done. so, i must say, you played it well and safe with this game. simple mechanics, and good levels. good job. i can see you guys had good management and design choices. which means your teamwork is quite coordinated which is very good.

i liked it as i said.but i got few complaints.

the text on the main menu should be more obvious. unless the certain tab is selected, you can not see the text.(or unless you squeeze your eyes.

my second complaint is more of a personal opinion is that, dying in this game is kind of.... unfair.... in other words, there are some points where you HAVE to die in order to figure out what to do next, you got absolutely no way, to know unless you actually die and try or get lucky. now, dont get me wrong, this thing can be good, can be intended can be nice to have (it is a must have for some games), but, i just dislike this type, because it is as i said, unfair.

my last complaint is, if they only hard a lighting fire with him or something it would be just perfect :)

last words good job, and keep up the good work